Ideas For Creating A Keepsake Of Your Wedding Invitation

crowthornedirect.info1As a record of important details from your special day, your wedding invitation is uniquely a one-of-a-kind remembrance. Ordering a few extra invitations is highly suggested so you can save them as wedding souvenirs but then they will more than likely be stored away in your wedding album.

Why not create a memento of your wedding invitation that is more permanent and can be easily displayed in your home as a special remembrance. Especially since all the formal details of your wedding day appear within your invitation text date, time of ceremony, time of dinner/reception, name and address of ceremony location, name and address of dinner/reception locale as well as maybe a special verse or quote chosen by you and your fianc. The invitation design itself may also be symbolic of the colors or theme of your wedding.

Having your invitation wording permanently imprinted on a keepsake item is a wonderful way to uniquely commemorate your wedding day. Here are some suggested items that can be engraved with your wedding invitation verse:

Photo Album A great way to personalize a wedding album is to have your invitation wording elegantly engraved on the front cover. This way every time you look through your cherished wedding pictures you will be able to see your invitation verse too.

Wedding Invitation Frame Create a lasting symbol by using a beautiful glass frame to showcase your favorite wedding photo as well as feature your delicately etched invitation verse.

Glass Block A simple, but elegant, glass or lucite sculpture piece can be engraved with your wedding invitation text creating an exquisite symbol of your special day.

Commemorative Plate Easily hung on a wall or placed on an easel for table-top display, a decorative plate engraved or etched with your invitation verse will make a wonderful memento for years to come.

With all of your planning and preparations, creating a wedding invitation keepsake may not be a high priority before your wedding, but this is easily something you can have designed later since you may even receive one of these personalized items as a wedding gift.

Your wedding is without a doubt one of the most important days of your life so give some thought to creating a lasting souvenir of your wedding invitation to preserve all the details of your special day. As the years go by, you will undoubtedly be glad you did.

Cinderella Wedding Cake Toppers

crowthornedirect.info2Caucasian bride and groom might be placed among the Cinderella wedding cake topper which is the most popular wedding cake top. This stunning small sculpture is vigilantly painted and delicately crafted of resin. In this Cinderella wedding cake topper, the bride has dark blonde hair while her dress and headpiece are white with a dash of sparkling white detailing.

Magically ever after Disney wedding couple will surely capture the magic of your wedding. This could well be an enchanting keepsake of your unforgettable day as this sweetheart statuette contains a newly wed couple in a loving embrace.

Glass pumpkin fairy tale carriage is such Cinderella wedding cake topper which carries
a horse who pulls a pumpkin carriage. It is near perfect for a fairy tale wedding and your guests will be in awe as they see your cake decorated in a fairy tale theme.

In the classic bride and groom type of Cinderella wedding cake topper, Cinderella and prince depict a timeless image of love. It’s the ideal intonation for your wedding day furnishings. If youre a nostalgic and just looking for a unique way to spruce up your celebration, this Cinderella wedding cake topper will be good then. This figurine gets us an opportunity to see the classic image of Cinderella and Prince Charming dancing together at the ball.

Cinderella glass castle wedding cake topper features gold accents, stunning artisanship and luxurious ruffles of lace and flower ribbons. If you are certain enough to put it onto the very top of your cake, then this will make a stunning center piece or cake topper for your wedding reception.

Spun glass Cinderella carriage and horses is another Cinderella wedding cake topper in which four glass horses pull a beautifully hand spun glass wedding coach in this remarkable glass piece. Ornamented with fine-looking gold accents and stunning detail, this piece will make exactly the cake top you were looking for.

Wedding Rings And Wedding Bands Can Be Purchased Anywhere

crowthornedirect.info3Wedding rings are an important part of a couples planned event. These rings symbolize the union of two people in marriage and vows. These ring symbols are very popular and can be found anywhere.

Traditionally, wedding bands were simply plain metal circles. These rings are sold by a local jeweler or a local jewelry store. Before recent times, a blacksmith made the Wedding rings for a couple.

Today, wedding bands can be found and purchased almost anywhere. Rings are offered at local stores and even online via the Internet. Some individuals even sell rings themselves through consignment.

Jewelry stores are perhaps the most logical place to buy rings. These stores have a wide selection and knowledge about wedding rings. A jewelry store obtains rings to sell to couples in two main ways.

The primary way a jewelry store gets the rings is by a designer. Some stores have an in house designer who makes all the jewelry. A designer has knowledge and experience in jewelry designing.

This dedicated person may have studied precious metals or gemstones. A designer knows the best materials to use in designing jewelry. A designer can adapt materials to fit within particular pieces.

A benefit to using a designer is that wedding bands can be custom. This designer can meet and talk with couples to get their ideas. Then for an additional charge can create custom made rings for them.

Other jewelry stores obtain wedding bands through suppliers. These jeweler suppliers have their own selection of jewelry pieces. A jewelry store reviews the selections and purchases them to display.

It is the hope of the store that the pieces selected are well liked. Buying from a supplier gives a lot more variety of ring design. However, this takes away the ability for custom design of rings.

Online stores also sell wedding bands for a couples big day. These online stores typically have much less overhead and cost. Thus, these stores obtain wedding bands by a designer and supplier.

This means online stores have a much greater variety in ring choices. Wedding rings can be found online in all designs, styles, and sizes. One can search for bands of certain metals or gemstones in the design.

These online stores offer much better pricing than local jewelers. Wedding bands sold online are cheaper and save a couple money. This is one reason to explore the selection of wedding rings online.

Still Love Modest Wedding Dress Cordially

Every girl may have though about their own wedding, I guess the major thing is the wedding dress. In this fashionable and modern world, we require the Modest Wedding Dress because it makes the bride elegant and gorgeous. Wedding is a big day for most girls, so they should keep themselves graceful, the modest wedding dress can help them make it.
I know many girls would prefer something more understated and elegant. Modest wedding dress that is not frumpy and matronly is very hard to find. If you go to a boutique for a wedding gown, you will find that most of the bridal gowns are strapless, backless or have a plunging neckline. Whatever modest wedding dress that is there at the back of the shop are so dated that even your grandmother won’t be wearing them.
There is an ongoing trend of fitted and sexy expensive wedding dresses as well as corset wedding dresses, but if you are looking for modest wedding dresses, then there are a lot of styles that you can try. Just because you are planning to wear a modest wedding dress, it does not mean that you cannot look glamorous and beautiful. Great style and modesty can indeed go together.
If you look at Ivanka Trump’s wedding dress designed by Vera Wang, you will see that it is in fact a modest wedding dress which is modern as well. It has lace sleeves that add just the right bit of style and also covers her bare shoulders. You too can take inspiration from Ivanka’s wedding dress and have a dress with lace sleeves and a full gown. Lace spells old world charm and glamor and will look great on you. You can shop during the autumn to get great designs of the modest wedding dress. Boutiques and fashion houses usually have wedding dress designs with full sleeves, high collars and modest necklines that are suitable for the autumn.
The best way to find beautiful modest wedding dresses is to plan months ahead of the wedding and look through as many wedding gown catalogs and bridal magazines. This will give you an idea of what designs of modest wedding dresses are in style.
These were some ideas on designs and styles of modest wedding dress. If you are planning to wear a modest weeding dress for your big day, then you should find the wedding dress as soon as possible. With the right modest wedding dress, you will look like a fairy princess on your wedding day. You can also choose the Simple Wedding Dress if you are not so traditional.
Well, it is a good season for weddings in this autumn, if you are preparing for your wedding, you can choose the modest wedding dress made by China manufacturer in topons. There you will never feel disappointed.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Having A Lunchtime Wedding

I had a lunchtime wedding and although it was a good day, I wish I had known some of the below disadvantages beforehand.


Availability of all your wedding suppliers including the venue – more likely to be able to book your dream wedding venue and all your wedding suppliers/businesses for any time of the year. Most wedding venues are booked out at least a year ahead, the benefit of having a lunchtime wedding is you will probably be able to get the date you want very easily. Same with the Limousine company, the DJ, the Priest/Celebrant etc whom I am sure would have very little business on at lunchtime.

Cost You should be able to negotiate a much cheaper price with most of the wedding suppliers including the venue – who normally wants a limousine for a Saturday/Sunday morning? Plus your alcohol bill may also be less as people tend not to drink as much during the day.

You could also hold your wedding on a Sunday lunchtime without guests having to worry about having a hangover or having to get up early for work the next morning (even if they do drink, it would have worn off by that night).

Guests with Kids – A lot of your guests with children would be much happier with a lunchtime wedding, if they bring their kids, they won’t have to worry about leaving early because the kids have to go to bed. If they have a babysitter, they don’t have to rush back.

Elderly people would probably also prefer a lunchtime wedding as a night time wedding can get too late for them.

Availability of Taxis – Ordering Taxis to go home for your guests would be a lot easier.


Not much time to get ready in the morning. Most Brides don’t want to rush getting ready so will probably have to get up really early.

We got married at 10 am and our Reception started at 1 pm. We had to get up at 6 am to get ready and by the time my bridesmaids and I got our hair and makeup done, it was a rush to put my dress on and get into the Limousine to get to the ceremony.

Your guests may also not like having to rush to get ready and having the wedding ceremony so early.

Sunburn – (if taking photos outside) On my wedding day it was about 24 degrees and cloudy, we spent about 2.5 hours getting photos done in various outdoor places and by the time we got to the wedding reception we were all burnt. Luckily my makeup protected my face but my chest and arms were bright red not a good look for your wedding day. So remember to use suncream and even take a couple of umbrellas to protect yourselves.

Time of Wedding Reception – Our wedding reception was a lot shorter than normal only 4 hours (from 1 pm 5 pm). Our wedding reception venue made my husband and I leave at 4.30pm so they could get all our guests to leave by 5 pm because they then had another wedding at 6 pm so had time to clean up. Normally a wedding would last from around 6 pm midnight and it just wasn’t enough time for us. But you could get around this by inviting your guest to continue celebrating with you in the cocktail lounge of the hotel you are staying in.

So in summary the benefits of a lunchtime wedding are really the cost and availability of wedding suppliers, the disadvantages are the shorten Reception time and rush to get ready in the morning.

Brides Guide To White Wedding Hair Flowers

Thanks to Kate’s Royal Wedding, hair flowers are quite the rage. White wedding hair flowers have always been popular for wedding hair pieces but it seems they are more popular than ever since we got a glimpse of Pippa’s beautiful hair piece of white lily-of-the-valley flowers.

There are many sizes and styles of wedding hair flowers to choose from. The hair style will dictate which one will look best . If the hair style is arranged completely up, hair pins with flowers attached is a good choice. Also a hair comb is an excellent base to attach flowers and will hold them securely.

With a hair style that is partially up as with Pippa’s style, barrettes, bendini combs, or clips would hold the hair and flowers securely.

Barrettes, pony tail bands, bun wraps, head bands, clips, and bendini combs by scunci are good bases for hair flowers. Simple florist wire bent into a circle is the perfect base to make a beautiful flower girl halo. Small flowers and leaves are taped or glued onto the wire. A ribbon is a beautiful addition to cover where the ends are joined together.

To attach flowers to a hair accessory, they can be wired with florist wire, taped, or glued to any hair accessory available It is a very easy project and can be as simple as a single flower or as elaborate as a large arrangement of flowers wired together in the same fashion as a corsage.

The type of flowers used can range from silk, faux or fresh. Real touch faux flowers are so realistic it is hard to distinguish them from real flowers. If you choose fresh flowers keep in mind that some flowers such as gardenias, tuberose and lilies have a stronger fragrance.

Dendrobium and oncidium orchids make gorgeous floral hair pieces. They are very light weight and tend to stay in place well. If you are considering orchids as hairpieces, a good tip for saving on the cost if to purchase an orchid and cut the blooms. The plant will bloom again and make a wonderful house plant.

Keeping the floral hairpiece in place is easy if you remember a few techniques. For little flower girls who can be quite active, a tiny braid on each side of the head and attached in the back to form a circle makes a good foundation to attach the halo. Use small bobby pins or alligator clips.

Richard Ward and James Pryce (Kate Middleton’s hairdressers) created an ingenious technique to hold her tiara in place. The hair was backcombed on top with a tiny plait in the middle to create a foundation. The tiara was then sewn in place. This was an amazing invention. Sewing holds clothes and upholstery in place so why not use it for our hair! The important thing is to have the look we want with the least amount of worry. If it works, why not use it?

If you’re wondering what type of needle and thread to use, I would suggest a large tapestry needle and a strong thread such as upholstery thread in a color that matches the hair. Tapestry needles have a large eye for thread and a blunt end to prevent accidental punctures. If the hair is very long and heavy, tapestry thread could also be used.

White wedding hair flowers are definitely in fashion and there are so many wonderful variations to delight brides and their attendants.

The Proper Wedding Etiquette For The Grooms Parents

Weddings are wonderful experiences of two lovers who want to signify their commitment to bond, intentionally, for the rest of their lives. In Western countries, wedding ceremonies are symbolic and overwhelmingly romantic, making the event really expensive, as well.

Weddings are lifetime dreams of every woman. Some men also dream of being involved in one, though, the extent and magnitude is not that great compared to girls’ longing for it.

Because weddings are ceremonies that have evolved through the years to emerge as formal occasions, a lot of symbolic gestures and actions are required from the participants. From the bride to the groom, to the maid of honor and best man, Western culture has come up with universal wedding etiquette for every person in every wedding.

This article will inform and acquaint you to the minimal responsibilities given to the groom’s parents in every wedding. You will be surprised that the role of the groom’s parents are nothing much and intense compared to the role provided to other participants in the wedding.

Role of the Groom’s Parents

The groom’s parents are often fall at a loss when asked about the role they will be playing in the wedding of their beloved son. In movies and in real life, it is always assumed that parents of the bride get more emotional during weddings.

The assumption is true and is a well-accepted fact. However, the groom’s parents should not be seen as parents who should not be shedding tears during weddings. Of course, they should also. It is because they are also sending their beloved offspring or son away.

The groom’s parents will surely not be familiar of their role in their son’s wedding, especially if they had not participated previously in a wedding for a daughter, another son or other siblings. Here are some points and tips for the groom’s parents who wish to accomplish their role in the wedding well and with flying colors:

o The first wedding etiquette to be followed by the groom’s parents is to initiate contact and communication with the bride’s family. Introducing themselves to the bride’s parents is the groom’s parents’ first and utmost responsibility. It would be a really, really great gesture to start up good relations between the two families.

o It is a role of the groom’s parents, as written in wedding etiquettes, to host and pay for the wedding rehearsal dinner. The event should not necessarily be expensive. Simple salad potlucks or simple dinners can do. The groom’s parents should also not hold back if they want to impress the bride’s family by throwing out elaborate or exotic dinners in the finest restaurants.

o To get along with customary wedding etiquettes, the groom’s parents can also participate in the planning stage of the wedding. However, the role is almost always limited to just providing timely, appropriate and accurate guest list. The groom’s family and relatives should not be overlooked at this very important event.

Wedding etiquette for groom’s parents during the wedding

The father of the groom’s responsibilities during weddings are often overlooked. It is because they are just always tasked to escorting the mother of the groom, and that role is still conditional if they are in good relations—that is, they are not divorced.

The groom’s mother can be busier. Women are very particular to dresses and that is where the groom’s mom should first strike.

The groom’s mom should leave the role of dealing for the bride’s dress to the bride’s mom. She should also not mind the dresses for the maid of honor or bridesmaids. The groom’s mom should only compliment the gowns to be worn by the bride’s mom and bridesmaids, not overdo or outdo them.

The groom’s parents are expected to follow customs and traditions during wedding ceremonies. They will be led by ushers as where they should be seated in the wedding venue.

Other important roles for the groom’s parents

It can be funny, but in the Western or modern culture, the groom’s parents are mainly involved just in funding or shouldering wedding-related bills.

Among the other things the groom’s parents should pay for are the bride’s wedding ring, the clergy fees in the church, transportation expenses of groom’s men, gifts or tokens for groom’s men as well as lodging costs if necessary, gift for the bride and the bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

Wedding ceremonies are just that—ceremonies. The marriage will not principally depend on the wedding, but a good one will make a good start for the couple. The groom’s parents should be as supportive as ever for their beloved son is embarking on a new life.

Smart Ways To Not Lose Your Ring

Losing a wedding ring is one of the quickest and easiest ways there is to ruin your day. And depending upon the disposition of your spouse, maybe even your week, year or life! Taking a few smart steps towards reducing the chances of losing your wedding rings, tungsten wedding rings and engagement rings is a prudent move for anyone with a valuable jewelry. Let’s review a few ways that you can keep from losing your prized rings.

Don’t let your ring go down the drain. It is a sad day when you lose a ring down the drain, whether it is an engagement ring, tungsten wedding ring or any sort of valuable ring. Yet, this happens everyday. The trick, however, is to not panic.

Flushed Down the Toilet. Rings and household plumbing don’t mix. Whatever you do, keep your ring away from your toilet.

Down the Toilet. Just as the kitchen or bathroom drain is a natural enemy of your ring, so is the toilet. Of course, dropping your ring down the toilet comes with its own unique unpleasantness. But luckily, this too can be avoided by simply never taking your ring off while in the toilet.

Never Put Your Ring in a Napkin. If you put your ring in a napkin, then you might be asking for trouble. Once you’ve had a few glasses of wine, you might just be leaving your waiter or waitress a simply fantastic tip.

The Gym Locker. Gym lockers unfortunately are broken into all the time. For this reason, keep your wedding ring and other valuables in another secure location when you are working out.

The Hole in the Pocket. Many people have put their rings in their pockets, only to later discover that their pocket had a hole. Again, if your ring is off your finger, make sure it is in a secure location and your pocket doesn’t really count. These five ways are just a few of the many ways that people lose their rings each and every day. The best tip for not losing your ring is, of course, to make certain that you keep your ring in a secure location. The best place of all for your rings is on your fingers!

Different Tips About Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony And Marriage

Vietnamese wedding ceremony is different from Western wedding ceremony. If you want to find out how difference Vietnamese wedding ceremony is, then please continue to read to learn about how difference between weddings and marriages in Vietnamese culture with Western culture. Organization a wedding is too important for a couple because it is an event that happens once in their life.

Vietnamese marriage ceremony usually is prepared carefully between the bride and the bride-groom as well as their families. They prepare their wedding ceremony a few months ahead. One or two days before the wedding, both the bride’s family and the bride-groom’s family build a nice frame in front of their houses. They usually use coconut leaves to create this frame and have a nice word on the top of the gate of this frame, such as bride’s wedding or bride-groom’s wedding. So, whoever look at this sign, they know whether it is the bride’s house or bride-groom’s house. On the primary date of the Vietnamese wedding day, the groom’s family go to the bride’s home at the exact time that they plan months ago.

Normally, both bride and groom or their parents go to the fortuneteller to see what date and time is best for the bride and groom. They usually believe this date and time so the groom’s family and relatives must come on time. After the groom come to the bride’s home, the groom gives the bride’s family traditional gifts such as betel and areca-nut, cake, and fruit. Then, the bride and groom worship at the altar of ancestors as well as their parents. After that, the groom puts the ring onto the bride’s finger, earnings into her ears, and a necklace onto her neck. Sometimes, the groom’s mother put these gifts for the bride. Then, the bride puts the ring onto the groom’s finger. After a short ceremony at the bride’s house, the bride’s and groom’s family and close relatives follow the groom to go to this house.

After the wedding ceremony is over, they will have a party at the groom’s house. Some traditional Vietnamese wedding party is celebrated at their houses (usually country-side Vietnamese marriages), some Vietnamese marriage party is celebrated in the restaurant. All guests are invited to the come at the restaurant or their houses to attend the wedding party. The events of the Vietnamese wedding is like a legend. Vietnamese couple plans this before so this day is a special event between the bride and the groom. This day is the culmination of years of desires, day dreams, hopes, and anxieties. There is a band to play music during their meal. Some guest are free to sing related wedding songs on the stage to luck the bride and the groom. In the middle of the party, the couple go to each table to get wishes and each table have one person to stand up and say some thing to congratulate the bride and the groom, this person also give money to the groom.

Vietnamese wedding ceremony in Western countries are organized almost the same thing. However, they skip some steps, like building a frame in front of their house by coconut leaves because it is too hard to find these in Western countries. Vietnamese wedding party is usually celebrated in restaurant locally. They have same steps in the restaurant, singing music, dancing at the end, etc. Usually, Vietnamese wedding party in Western countries is celebrated in the evening, around 7 or 8 PM on weekend because of the busy life in here. However, all Vietnamese wedding ceremony is celebrated by following the steps as traditional Vietnamese marriages.

So, are you ready to know more about Vietnamese girl? Do not wait. Take action now. Join these free Vietnamese dating services and contact the Vietnamese girls of your dream.

Jennifer Aniston Rumoured To Be Planning Summer Wedding In Cyprus Or Greece

First it was Hawaii, later Cyprus, then it was Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, and now Greece appears to be the destination for the long-awaited nuptials of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux.

The couple will be joining in on the trend of weddings abroad but it seems that they can’t make their mind up about the location.
A source explained:

“Jennifer and Justin have agreed that they want to tie the knot in Crete, specifically in the beautiful town of Chania, where her father was born. Her father always made sure that she appreciated her Greek roots, and Jennifer feels Crete is the ideal setting for her nuptials.”

According to the insider, Jennifer’s cousin, Antonis Anastassakis, confirmed the couple would be getting married in Greece when he spoke to a Greek TV station last month.

The actress and star of the U.S TV hit series, Friends, has been dating Theroux, since May last year and like many other celebrity couples who choose destination weddings, their chosen location has been speculated by the world’s media.

Aniston was previously married to Hollywood heartthrob, Brad Pitt, for five years but the couple divorced in October 2005. This year, weddings in Greece are among the favourites for brides and grooms and the Mediterranean collection of islands offers the perfect destination for romantic weddings abroad.

Couples planning Greek weddings can choose from a traditional Greek chapel, vows on the cliff-top, or a ceremony on a sandy beach at sunset. Crete is the perfect spot for islands weddings with a choice of beautiful venues and settings for romantic ceremonies. These include the Turkish Fort at Aptera with views overlooking Souda Bay; St. Lazarus Chapel, Rethymnon, a charming chapel which dates back to the 14th Century; Koumos Kalives, a beautiful venue which is part of a restaurant near Chania; and a wide selection of golden sandy beaches that are fringed by emerald green ocean waters.

Overseas weddings are not just for the rich and famous; recent surveys have revealed that 26 per cent of couples in the UK have chosen a destination wedding in the last five years compared to 20 per cent in the 1990’s.